In modico - Support Ukraine

Thanks to our donators we bought 400 kgs of fresh sausage and sent to Lubycza Krolewska, only 8 kilometers from Hrebenne boarder crossing to Ukraine.
In Lubycza Krolewska a group of volunteers established a field kitchen and „restaurant“. They are working non-stop serving about 3.000 meals a day, 24/7.
The Kitchen is working very good because some of these people are experienced having own restaurants and catering companies.
This kitchen is working near the school where volunteers are sleeping on the floor and also where the night shelter for regugees is located.
When the traffic on the border in Hrebenne decreased, the kitchen moved to Lviv, where it serves 200 meals, but only during the day. So nowadays they have two kitchens: Luczycza Krolewska and Lviv.
The kitchen has money from donations from people of good will, companies and local government. Money is still not enough to feed the hungry.


Thank you. Follow our updates here.

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