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LSINC PeriOne – best practice, best price bottle printing

News and facts about PeriOne. The entry level roundprint system based on the technologies of its bigger brother PeriQ360.

LSINC PeriQ360 Runddrucksystem

LSINC PeriQ360 – 4x automated bottle printing

News and facts about PeriQ360. With four spindles for printing simultaneously four bottles or tubes it raises the bar in terms of speed, quality and throughput.


LSINC Perivallo360 – decorate bottles from bottom to top

News and facts about Perivallo360. The printhead of this single spindle system follows the contour of the bottle for seamless full surface printing!


IDS Revolution360T – next generation 360° printing

News and facts about Revolution360T from IDS. The single spindle roundprint system with highly improved curing, color dust collector and many improvements for optimizing your workflow.


Neonjet UV flatbed printers

News and facts about our Neonjet printers. This compact and powerfull flatbed printing system is made for small to medium businesses like copyshops or also for mobile use like on festivals.


Fujifilm Acuity Series – large format flatbed printing

News and facts about Fujifilm Acuity Series. This remarkable large format printing system was developed from the ground up. Resulting in an comparably inexpensive high quality solution with lots of usefull features you won´t find in another printing system of this size.


GCC E200 (40 Watts CO2 Lasercutter/-engraver)

News and facts about GCC E200. Its compact build, modern design and tons of features make it a daily used tool in modelling, prototyping, architectural planing, paper processing, stamp manufacturing and many more.

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